Boogie Dance Co.

Boogie Dance Co. is a recreational dance program.  It’s for children and adults to find a creative outlet through dance and movement.  We call it a pop-up dance studio because we can bring it into any location.  Currently we are running programs for kids and toddlers in the Newmarket area and about to launch Boogie FIT which is a dance-cardio workout for adults.  Founded by Lara Oulahen (former Raptors Dancer/Choreographer/mom of three) and Andrea Mercer (Modern Mommy Collective/ of two).  Although classes won’t specifically follow a strict dance training program, there will be a definite focus on dance technique such as hip hop, jazz, modern, etc., and an appreciation for great music. Students won’t be tested or ever have to compete within this program.  If you want to see us in action and aren’t sure it’s the right spot for you or your child, we encourage you to come give it a whirl.  Free trial class offer is always on the table.